Among the most important international standards that the company follows in order to ensure quality:

Administrative standard

  • Increase productivity

  • Reducing waste of costs

  • The belief that quality is a global system and is one of the features of the modern era
  • There is a close relationship between quality, productivity and improving production

  • Optimal use of human and material resources.

  • The comprehensiveness of the quality system for all fields.
  • Developing the leadership and management capabilities of future leaders, and developing their skills.

Satisfaction and customer expectations

  • Achieve a high degree of satisfaction with the Foundation›s customers.
  •  Knowing that the client is the most important axis and the nucleus of the Foundation›s efforts.

  • Study the changes that may occur in the customers› tastes and needs.
  • Establishing an information system that aims to know the extent of customer satisfaction with the organization›s work.

Creating a business climate and corporate culture

  • It is represented by the extent to which the rules and procedures are respected at work.

  • Prepare the psychological side of the entire institution.

  •  To understand and accept the concepts of total quality management, and the extent of the staff›s interest in the customer›s internal satisfaction.

Measuring performance for productivity and quality

  • The existence of a system with accurate statistical methods; to determine the level of success in productivity and quality once and for all.

Effective management of human resources

  • This is done by activating the appointment, selection, performance appraisal system, and merging all human resources into one team; to improve the organization›s performance.

Continuing education and training

  • This is done through establishment of training programs that include all staff of the institution. With the aim of developing skills; to match the business of the institution.

Adopting appropriate leadership styles

  • That is by following a work style with the team spirit, and the work organized among all the team members.

  • Establishing an information system: It is represented by an information system that aims to continuously monitor all operations within the company, provide the necessary information, and analyze it.

Since the company follows these procedures in all areas of work, the company has obtained a certificate (ISO90001), and always strives for the best to achieve more improvement in productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction.