Al-Sudais Company for Trade and Transportation, known as Al-Sudais Transport, was established more than thirty years ago, and specifically in the year 1986 A.D. Since its inception, the company has taken the city of Riyadh as its headquarters, in addition to its ownership and management of the periodic maintenance centers for the transport fleet in each of the areas of Dammam, Qassim, and the northern borders, until now the number of trucks has reached 332 trucks.

The company was also distinguished by being one of the few transporters approved by Saudi Aramco and the Electricity Company, in addition to various government institutions to implement and manage contracts for the transportation of tasks on an annual basis or contracting in the subcontractors. Due to the expansion and diversity of the company’s customer base, the company’s management worked continuously to increase and improve its transportation fleet and to provide professional competencies to manage the operational process of the transport fleet. The company believes in investing in human capital, as it periodically trains and qualifies drivers to drive professionally and safely, and motivates and encourages them to fulfill customer aspirations.