The company started its activities since 1388 AH as the first carriers to be approved at the Aramco station in Riyadh to transport petroleum products to feed some power stations, then the company expanded by adding fuel transportation service to government institutions and various companies to implement and manage contracts for transporting tasks on an annual basis or as a subcontractor. The supply chain business cannot operate without road transportation, whether at the beginning or the end of the chain, we have now become one of the leading carriers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company offers a number of different types in different shipments as follows:

  •  Trailers specialized in transporting fuel and diesel (TOANC).

  • Trailers specialized in transporting goods and tasks (roofs).

  • Trailers specialized in transporting bulk materials (blacker).

  • Car transport (car transporters).

  • Trailers specialized in transporting food and medical materials (refrigerators, curtains)

The following is a statement outlining the company’s fleet of fuel transportation:

the number Truck type
97 Iron tanks
36 Aluminum tanks

All of these trucks are equipped with the latest technology for tracking and tracing, maintenance and safety procedures.